Woman Sues Man For $10,000 Over Bad Date, Gets Into Heated Argument With Judge: Watch

Woman Sues Man For 10K Over Bad Date Gets Into Argument With Judge


If you are single, bad dates are just a way of life. Usually if that happens you just walk away and chalk it up as another life experience and move on.

Not everyone, however, can handle that kind of disappointment with such ease. Sometimes people decide that a little restitution is in order.

Such was the case recently in Flint, Michigan when a woman chose to sue a man for $10,000 after her date with him went awry.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the woman, QaShontae Short, sued Richard Jordan for intentional infliction of emotional distress after their date turned sour.

She claims in the lawsuit that Jordan Richard deliberately hurt her when he “did not show and left on [her] mother’s birthday and [her] mom had just passed away.”

The bast part of the lawsuit, however, came recently when Short, Jordan and Judge Herman Marable Jr. all got together online for a virtual hearing to discuss the case.

In the video, Short and the judge do most of the talking. Other than saying the case was a waste of the court’s time, Jordan was pretty much a spectator.

And what a show he got to watch.

The woman who sued a man over a bad date got into a heated argument with the judge

During the 10 minute hearing, Short and Judge Marable Jr. each got heated, trying to shout over one another when he questioned whether she was in the proper courtroom and he questioned whether or not she actually knows what the definition of perjury is.

“He put a document that stated a lie,” Short yelled at the Judge. “Bottom line you said it was a criminal offense so I will send it to circuit court. Are we done here? Are we done here? … I know exactly what perjury means.”

The judge got so frustrated with Short at one point he took off his face shield and directly looked at the camera to address her.

“Please do not insult my intelligence,” she said later. “Do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I do not understand what the word perjury means. Do not! If it’s a criminal offense then it’s a criminal offense.”

When all was said and done, the judge ended up transferring her case to circuit court.

Forget Judge Judy, this was a real show.