Wordle Fans Go HAM On Tech Guy Who Dared To Copy The Game And Make It An App

  • Fans of the viral internet game Wordle went hard after a tech entrepreneur who copied the game’s concept and turned it into an app.
  • The creator of Wordle had previously stated that he wanted to keep the game free to play and ad-free.
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Wordle, the internet’s latest game obsession (and best new meme), has been taking over social media with its green, yellow, and grey squares.

The game is rather unique, not for its concept (it first appeared on the game show Lingo back in 1987), but for the facts that (1) it’s free, (2) there are no ads, and (3) you can only play it on the internet – it’s not an app.

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Naturally, since nothing about Wordle has been officially trademarked, this has meant numerous folks out there have been trying to capitalize.

Among those people are tech entrepreneur Zack Shakked who made the mistake of making the following announcement on Twitter on Monday.

His new app resulted in two things happening: (1) people gobbling it up like candy, and (2) people going hard after him to monetizing someone else’s creation.

“This is absurd,” Shakked excitedly tweeted on Tuesday. “450 trials at 1am last night, now at 950 and getting a new ones every minute. 12K downloads, rank #28 word game, and #4 result for ‘wordle’ in the App Store.”

His excitement, however, was short-lived.

“This guy shamelessly cloned Wordle (name and all) as an F2P iOS game with in-app purchases and is bragging about how well it’s doing and how he’ll get away with it because Josh Wardle didn’t trademark it. So gross,” Twitter user @waxpancake tweeted.

He was followed by an avalanche of similar tweets critical of Shakked.


Hey, GRIFT is also a five-letter word!

Making matters MUCH, MUCH worse was the fact that people went through Shakked’s previous tweets and found this…



Shakked has been in damage control mode ever since.

“I realize I crossed a line,” Shakked ended up tweeting. “And I surely, surely will never do anything remotely close to this again. I f—ed up.”

He also claimed, “One thing people don’t realize is I spoke on the phone with the creator of Wordle and for 30 minutes tried to convince him to a) let me pay a huge licensing fee (100k+), b) partner with me to develop the office Wordle app or c) send him a percentage of the proceeds.

“When he informed me that he wasn’t interested in that, I told him I would consider changing the name and was looking at other options when Apple removed the app and was fully prepared to do so.”

Good times.

Should you happen to want to play the actual Wordle (which is a ripoff of Lingo, by the way), just click here.

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