The 16 Biggest Bar Tabs in Bro History

I did. The only thing I could remember was that the following day, my pockets weren't as deep and I lost out on my security deposit because someone thought it was a great idea to use the apartment door as a portal to another dimension. The other dimension ended up being a wall.

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Over time, however, people have grown accustomed to large bar tabs. From celebrities to athletes, having a large bar tab seems to be a way to show everyone that you have made it. It has become more of a social bragging right amongst the richest people in the world. If you can afford to throw away six figures in one night, you must be making some dough.

As for me, I still stick to paying in cash to avoid any of those awkward moments at the end of the night where you have to calculate what you have in the bank while also trying to stand on two feet.

But since everyone else doesn't care about running up the tabs, here is a list of the largest we have ever seen.

16. DeSean Jackson – $10,335.82

The amount, when compared to the rest of this list, isn't impressive at all. But when you hear that DeSean Jackson ran up this tab in the first 17 minutes he was in the club, it makes it all that much more impressive. How do you spend that much money in less than an episode of Community? And if bottle water cost $8, I don't even want to know what a cup of ice would go for.

15. Iron Maiden – 20,109 krone

Back in 2010, Iron Maiden partied it up and spent a ridiculous 20,109 krones on enough alcohol to supply a small village. However, when I dove further into the amount of money, turns out it was only about $3K. That isn't the biggest bar tab I expected from a rock group. I half expected it to enter the six figure mark. Very disappointing.

14. Japanese Teenage Boy – $54,000


I remember being 16 years old. It was one of the most exciting times in my life. But then there was this Japanese kid that stole his father's credit card and went out partying for one of the most epic nights of all time. But since the father reported it stolen, all he ends up paying is less than $8,000 of the bill. Not too bad for the son that went YOLO for one crazy night in his life.

13. Dez Bryant – $54,896


Dez Bryant was hazed in one of the greatest ways ever, he was left with a bill of almost $55K after his teammates took him to eat at a Dallas steakhouse. What was on this bill? Did they each order 6 steaks? How can a group of men charge that much on one bill? 

12. Random Stranger in Dubai – $105,632.45

This list isn't about who spends the most money, it is about people spending money like it is nothing. In Dubai, someone spent $105K alcohol and Diet Coke. Either this person needed some caffeine or they just love their Coke products.

11. Mark Cuban – $110,000


Billionaire's are rich because they know how to earn money and not spend it. Mark Cuban is rich because he knows how to earn money and have fun with it. A few years ago, after the Dallas Mavericks won their very first NBA championship, Cuban treated his team to a night of fun in Miami by spending $110,000 at Club Liv. Did I mention that $90,000 of that came from one bottle of champagne?

10. Russian Billionaire – $135,060


If I had a billion dollars and Zac Efron walked into the same club as I, the last thing I would do is spend $100K on the kid. But that is exactly what some knucklehead Russian billionaire did to impress the High School Musical star. Heather Graham was also in attendance so I do not blame him fully. I wouldn't mind spending dough on that beautiful blond.

9. Boston Bruins – $156,679.74


If you win a Stanley Cup, you are allowed to spend whatever you friggin want to. There are no rules. If you have the cash, and believe me, those professional NHL guys do, then you have every right to make it rain in the club. Whether you are buying for you or everyone else, forget the rules and make it epic.

8. Lebron James – $171,937.53


What did I just say about winning championships? If you win one, you can pretty much do whatever you want with your money and no one would get angry. Just go out, buy 33 bottles of Cristal and every other drink imaginable. It is your time to shine and Lebron James finally earned his first NBA title so why not spend a few days pay for one night of fun?

7. Dexter Koh – $184,423


Dexter Koh is a self-proclaimed Christian Grey. Now I am not a big fan of people claiming to be other people but this guy might be telling the truth. He has more money than half the people on his block put together and he spends his money like a teenager with daddy's credit card. How can I get a job working at these places? I could make more in one night than I do all year working at these places.

6. Unknown – $189,375.98


This ticket fell in my lap and has still gone unclaimed. How anyone would take a picture of such a receipt and not take credit for it is beyond me. Can you imagine the waitress that took that tip home? $30K for a few hours of work? Awesome.

5. Jay-Z – $250,000


There is no proof besides word of mouth from people that were at Club Liv that night but Jay-Z could spend $250K and never even realize it was gone. If I spend twenty bucks I have to check my bank account three times. 

4. Don Johnson – $285,000


No, this isn't that Don Johnson but it would be cooler if it was, right? This is a tab made famous by the gambling guru Don Johnson. I guess life is good when you can spend $181,000 on one bottle of Armand De Brignac Midas. For that much money, it better have bars of gold floating in it.

3. Alex Hope – $308,000

There are guys and then there are men. Alex Hope is not even 25 years old and yet he is a true man. He has made all his millions with FOREX and doesn't mind having a good time spending it too. On this one night alone he spent more money than a majority of Americans earn in a lifetime.

2. Jho Lo – $403,431.74


Yep, Jho Lo spent almost a half a million dollars at one bar. That is almost impossible even for the richest people in the world. You have to buy so many bottles of Cristal, you would be throwing them away before anyone ever drinks it. But this is how you waste money folks.

1. Charles Shaker – $498,000

You know what they say, “It takes money to have a good time.” Well, they might also want to add that if you have money you can buy supersized bottles of the world's most expensive champagne and run up a bar tab of almost $500,000. Yep, that just happened!