You Need To See This Brilliant ’30 For 30′ Parody Of ‘Rocky IV’

“If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.” – Rocky Balboa

Those are the immortal words uttered by the man who single-handedly brought down the Soviet Union. At least that’s what this tremendous 30 For 30 parody of Rocky IV suggests.

College Humor asked the question, “What if Rocky 4 happened in real life?” The awesome mocumentary interviews Russian historians, as well as ESPN personalities Max Kellerman and Robert Flores to get their emotions and insight¬†of when Rocky Balboa brought down the Soviet Union with one punch and ended the Cold War.

When Rocky knocked out Ivan Drago, it was a bittersweet win for America because in an earlier fight, Apollo Creed was killed in the ring by The Siberian Express. A devastating moment in sports for Kellerman that was only rivaled when Chubbs Peterson (Also Carl Weathers) died in Happy Gilmore after falling out of a window.

However, we’re all still pondering why the Russian crowd switched sides so easily.

Hopefully this starts more 30 For 30 parodies of sports movies. Maybe Talladega Nights? Caddyshack? Any Given Sunday? Major League? Dodgeball?