New Reality TV Show Gives A Guy 8 Minutes To Convince Prostitutes To Stop Having Sex For Money

Welp, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. A TV show about a guy who has only 8 minutes to try and convince prostitutes that they should stop being prostitutes has been greenlit by A&E. What’s next, Hollywood? A movie about a rebellious teenage stud with a feathery coiffure who moves to a town that’s outlawed rock music and dancing and it’s up to him and other mutinous teens to take the town back and restore order? Of course not, that idea is INSANE. No one would ever make that movie.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

A&E has greenlit a provocative new reality series in which a man tries to convince prostitutes to quit their jobs. EW has learned exclusively that the network has ordered eight episodes of 8 Minutes (working title), a series featuring cop-turned-pastor Kevin Brown surprising escorts in hotel rooms and offering to rescue them from a life of trading sex for cash. In each episode, Brown has eight minutes to make his case.

As stupid as this is — and it is stooooopid — I, like many of you, will watch this show at least once. A good old fashioned hate watch is always good for the soul. We’ll put ourselves through that viewing just so we can scream at the TV, or our significant others, about how getting a professional whore to FIND JESUS in 8 minutes is impossible and we’ll call bullshit every goddamn time it happens.

But maybe this isn’t all horse shit or bull shit or rat shit or other types of shit that always get a bad rap. Maybe Kevin Brown is offering them more than just a relationship with Jesus Christ and employment at their local Arby’s as the resident roast beef expert. Maybe it is possible to reform a whore in 8-minutes. I DON’T KNOW. Crazier shit has happened; I didn’t think Extreme Home Makeover could build a 4,000 square foot home in 7 days and that mother fucker Ty Pennington proved my ass wrong time and time again.