Adam Sandler Reminisces About Making Small Children Cry In The ‘Billy Madison’ Dodgeball Scene

I’m not sure if there’s a day that goes by in the BroBible office where a line from Billy Madison isn’t quoted. It’s as timely as my mid-morning dump, and I’m pretty regular. Whether it be “Herrrre’s a nice piece of shit” when someone walks in in the morning or yelling “O’Doyle Rules!” when someone gets owned, Billy Madison is to this office as turkey is to Thanksgiving.

The movie, which hit theaters 22 years ago, is still endlessly watchable. TNT plays it like three times a day and I have never not watched it when I stumble upon it. One of the more iconic scenes in the film is when Billy drills a bunch of wimpy ass kids with a dodgeball, holding nothing back. Sandler appeared on Conan last night to delve into the hilarious details behind that scene. Adam made a couple poor kids cry during that scene, a small price to pay to have a role in one of the funniest movies of the 90s.


[h/t Uproxx]

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