Jim Jefferies Told Jimmy Kimmel A Pretty Bananas Story About The Time Al Pacino Told Him Not To Be An Actor

I’m of the impression that if you’re even remotely famous, you’ll probably rub elbows with Al Pacino at some point. Really, I think if you’re even remotely famous, you’ll pretty much rub elbows with a lot of famous people. Fame is like a cult and the only people you’re allowed to hang out with are other famous people and a few friends you had before you got famous as a way to A) Keep yourself grounded and B) To have someone around to you can always belittle with your newfound wealth. So really, this story that Jim Jefferies told Jimmy Kimmel about the time he met Al Pacino and Warren Beatty is, in of itself, a pretty unsurprising affair. But, it is a pretty bananas story. Especially Jefferies’s impersonation of Pacino. That’s just hilarious.



[h/t Esquire]