‘Always Sunny’s Infamous ‘Pepe Silvia’ Scene Played With Drums Somehow Makes It Even Better

by 1 year ago

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia builds crescendo unlike any other show that’s currently on television. Their formula is a cold open in which something asinine happens and that event sets the premise for the entire episode. More often than not, 20-25 minutes after that cold opening the gang have lost their marbles and everything’s devolved into batshit insanity. Such was the case in ‘Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack’, an episode which has become colloquially known as ‘Pepe Silvia’.

Believe it or not, I have a random coworker here at BroBible who’d never seen the Pepe Silvia episode of Always Sunny so I made him watch that clip without context, and he still found it fucking hilarious.

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Above, you’ve got this bro who really helps build the crescendo by playing drums over the entire Pepe Silvia scene in which Charlie Day gives us one of his many glimpses into just how deranged and insane he really is. Currently, this clip’s sitting at just above 7,000 views on YouTube but I fully expect it to be at around 1 million views by the end of the week…Don’t you agree?

(via David Dockery YouTube)

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