Amy Schumer Had The Best Response To Someone Saying She Looks Like The Lady From ‘American Gothic’ On Twitter

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Danielle Levitt/GQ

When Vicky Rogers (assuming that’s her real name, you never know on Twitter…mine’s “Swaggatron McPancake,” for example…and now it’s “Twerkosarus Rexcon 4” because I’m bored) tweeted at Amy Schumer that she looks like the lady from “American Gothic,” she probably never expected Schumer to respond. And why would she? Girl’s probably busy doing…stuff. Nevertheless, leave it to Amy Schumer to surprise us all with her lovely sense of humor where she embraces the fact that she not only looks like a Cabbage Patch doll…

//…but also, like Vicky Said, the “American Gothic” lady:



I’d rather have Schumer and Simmons’ interpretation hanging in my living room than the actual painting any day.

[H/T Uproxx]

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