Anna Kendrick Shared More Stellar Advice On How To Take Better Naked Selfies

Remember last year when Anna Kendrick, our pretend Internet girlfriend, talked about visiting Reddit’s “Gone Wild” section and shared some hilarious tips for taking naked selfies? (Yes, Anna Kendrick trolls the “Gone Wild” section of Reddit. That’s why she’s our pretend Internet girlfriend.) Well, she apparently has even more thoughts on the subject of naked selfies which she shared with Conan O’Brien Wednesday night.

“Like naked selfie your life away, I, like go do your thing, but clean your room!” advises Kendrick. “I don’t understand… I don’t understand, and I get like, guys being like, well if you had a penis you wouldn’t exactly be looking at the room.”

She then surmises that men would prefer a naked woman in a clean room as opposed to a naked woman in a messy room. Not sure that it matters, but her take is definitely entertaining. Of course, Andy Richter, as usual, had opinions on the topic which then stretched to social media as a whole. Too funny.

And once again I am left wondering to myself, “Why is Anna Kendrick checking out girls who take naked selfies on the Internet?” For some reason, that question never gets asked as a follow-up.

Kendrick also shared her rules for Twitter that should really be shown in classrooms across America.