Anthony Bourdain Is Now Dating Badass Italian Actress Asia Argento From The Movie ‘xXx’


Remember Yelena in the early aughts Vin Diseal action-thriller xXx? Maybe this will jog your memory in case you were hopped up on too many Monster Energy drinks at the time: Or the video above!


Or, even better:

Yelena was played by certifiable Italian badass Asia Argento, 41. According to Page Six, she’s now dating globetrotting-culinary badass Anthony Bourdain, 60, who seperated his MMA fighter wife Ottavia Busia last year.

Bourdain recently shot an episode of his show “Parts Unknown” in Rome with Argento — and the Italian press has reported the two have fallen for each other.

One site said they’ve “fallen in love,” and Italian magazine Chi ran pics of the pair walking hand in hand and also passionately kissing after shopping at a local market.

Page Six exclusively revealed last September that Bourdain was separated from his wife, Ottavia, who trains as an MMA fighter.

Bourdain’s ex has said of him, “My husband half-jokes that he married Sophia Loren, but ended up with Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

Have to give it up for Bourdain — That’s a hell of a catch.

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