‘Archer’ Promotes New Season by Posting Nude Pics to Reddit’s GoneWild Forum

If you frequent r/gonewild—I mean, if you've peeked at it once in a while—the titles will strike a chord. They perfectly mimic the coy and sympathy-begging headlines that are GoneWild's trademark. Nicely done.

Anyway, the show returns on Monday, January 13 in a radically different format from its first four seasons, according to a recent Uproxx interview with executive producer Matt Thompson. The entire conceit of the show—espionage, the Cold War, ISIS—is gone. In its place is a plot line that revolves around the characters trying to become an international drug cartel. 

No, really: Because creator Adam Reed, who somehow single-handedly writes every episode, got bored and maybe a small case of writer's block, the entire show is completely shifting gears to follow Archer and the crew attempting to sell a ton of cocaine. There's Breaking Bad influences and a Columbia setting.

And, brilliantly, the event that sets up their smuggling is a mass arrest for the thousands of crimes they've committed as a private security firm. “In the very first episode of this season [you learn that in] all these years that Malory’s in control of ISIS, they’ve been doing all these covert operations — kind of like the CIA or whatever — and it was never legal,” said Thompson. “She was just contracting out this stuff, kind of like Black Water or whatever, and in the first episode of the season the government comes in and shuts them down, throws them all in jail. Like, 'What the f*ck you guys doing? You’re not allowed to do this. Stop doing this immediately. You’re assassinating people. You’re all going to jail.'”

Also, Cheryl will try to be a country music star. The show is even releasing an album of original country material this year. I kind of love all of this.

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