That Far-Fetched ‘Martha’ Scene From ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Gets Remixed Into A Martha Stewart Tribute

Welp, if Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is remembered for anything down the road, it’ll be for that absurd scene in which the Dark Knight is about to murder Clark Kent in cold blood with a kryptonite spear right before The Man of Steel says, “Martha”. He says “Martha” because that’s his mom’s name, not knowing that’s also the name of Bruce Wayne’s murdered mom. Lois Lane steps in to prevent any further miscommunication in the most epic war of miscommunications I’ve ever witnessed.

So, what did David Unger Music do? Remixed the piss out of that scene to have way more of everyone’s favorite mother figure, Martha Stewart. And, DUM threw in some Snoop Dogg, Meet the Fockers, and the late Robin Williams for good measure.

Here’s the video’s description:

“The ‘Martha’ scene from Batman v Superman is arguably one of the greatest cinematic moments in history. But, we just actualized this scene to its full potential.”

Agreed. Maybe they can remix Suicide Squad to include more of the Joker. And not Leto’s Joker, but Ledger’s Joker. And a sprinkle of Nicholson for shats and gags.

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You can download the track for free on SoundCloud.

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