Tale Of The Tape: Who Is More Badass? Ben Affleck’s Sad Batman Or The Always Cool Lego Batman?

With the Lego Batman movie scheduled for release about on February 10, 2017, i.e. about a year after Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice it’s only natural that we compare the two Dark Knights, right?

No? Well, we’re going to do it anyway, because Batman is cool no matter who plays him, or in the case of Lego Batman, what he is, but we need to know who is the coolest.

So to see which Batman truly is the most badass caped crusader we compared the two on five key issues: (1) the voice, (2) their music, (3) their Batcaves, (4) their weapons, and (5) their Batwings.

After you see our visual breakdown I think you will really have no choice but to agree with our findings.

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