7 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Lebowski’



From Donny’s inability to be within his element; to rugs tying the room together; to nobody fucking with the Jesus; to constantly being reminded that life isn’t like war in Vietnam, the The Big Lebowski is one of the most quotable movies of our generation. It’s also a cult classic that is virtually inescapable when you stumble upon it while channel surfing. You can’t not watch The Big Lebowski when it’s on TV because nothing warms the heart more than a story about a guy who won’t just accept the fact that his rug got pissed on.

Thanks to the aforementioned redeeming qualities of the movie (and boredom), we’ve all seen the movie 144 times. But maybe we still haven’t caught everything? Maybe there are a few things we don’t know about The Big Lebowski? Thanks to these seven facts from CineFix, when you finally get around to watching the The Big Lebowski for the 145th time, you might notice a few new things.