Comedian Bill Burr Has Zero Sympathy For Hillary Clinton After She Lost The Election

Comedian Bill Burr just had a baby last week but he’s still been making the late night TV rounds. Last night, he appeared on Conan and took some time to discuss the recent election.

Bill Burr opens up more on Conan than any other late night show. We’ve seen this in the past. For some reason, he’s always at his most candid when he’s talking with Conan O’Brien, as opposed to Jimmy Kimmel or Fallon. So Burr had no problems at all with jumping right into why he has zero sympathy for Hillary Clinton after losing the election.

Burr believes that Donald Trump gave her every opportunity on the planet to lose the election. He basically went out on the election trail every week and said countless things that made him unelectable. But somehow Hillary Clinton still managed to lose the election. He doesn’t buy any of this ‘racist voters backed Donald’ talk because he thinks those same voters allowed Barack Obama to become President of the United States of America twice running.

We could sit here and hash out the facts. We could talk about Hillary’s failure as a candidate, or how the FBI and Russia handed the election to Donald, but what’s the point? The election’s over. I don’t see why anyone at all needs talk about Hillary when everyone should be focusing on the direction our country is headed in. The election’s in the past, and aside from a few lingering investigations we need to proceed forward with whatever it is will fix this shit storm we’ve been living in for the few months.