That Blonde on ‘Mad Men’ Was None Other Than ‘The Sandlot’s’ Wendy Peffercorn

That wild child Kate, sucking face there with the waiter? Turns out she's none other than WENDY PEFFERCORN—the lifeguard of everyone's fantasies growing up. Squints must have been furious.

Wendy… Peffercorn. Mmmm. Marley Shelton is the actress—she's appeared in Pleasantville, Scream 4, Never Been Kissed, and a few other films, but, c'mon, she's Wendy Peffercorn.

Also, a recurring character on the show this season is this Heinz ketchup man named Tim Jablonski, better known as Sunshine from Remember the Titans.

At this point I'm waiting for Gordon Bombay to show up any day now as a new account executive at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. Any day now. 

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