Bob Odenkirk Brought His Own Questions, Refused To Play A Stupid Game On ‘Kimmel’

We’ve been fans of Bob Odenkirk since his days on Mr. Show so to see him score such major success with Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul is pretty cool.

Of course, now that he IS the star on his very own very successful show Odenkirk says that people have been so nice to him that they’re now afraid to ask him certain questions, so he brought his own and let Jimmy do the asking.

For example, “Why are you trying to steal Jon Hamm’s Emmy?” To which Odenkirk responds, “Because I’m selfish. It’s very easy. I’m a selfish egotistical bastard.”

He seemed rather genuine about it too. Perhaps this is why other actors let their PR people handle the talk show questions.

Later in the show, Jimmy wanted Odenkirk to partake in one of those stupid games that are now staples of the late night talk show circuit. Last night’s game was to be “Heatherball” – aka tetherball with Heather Graham’s face plastered on the ball. Odenkirk was not having it.