BROS: ‘Blue Mountain State’ the Movie is On the Way


Despite decent ratings and what seemed to be an audience of every 16 to 30-year-old dude in the country, Blue Mountain State went off the air upon the completion of its third season in 2012. I’m not sure if its status as the raunchiest show on basic cable TV helped or hurt BMS, but the promised fourth season died a quiet death.

Since the cancellation, the show has lived a second life on Netflix, where a whole new generation of bros have spent the last couple of years following the exploits of Mary Jo Cacciatore, Alex Moran, and, of course, one Thad Castle. There have also been rumblings that the show would return in some fashion on a different network or online.

The rumblings were for something. Blue Mountain State will probably be made into a movie.

Alan Ritchson, who played Castle, announced on Jimmy Kimmel last night (while in character) that a Kickstarter for the Blue Mountain State movie //” target=”_blank”>will launch next Tuesday, April 15th. Not much else is known. The film isn’t even officially a done deal, since it will rely on crowdfunding to be made.

But get fired up. Maybe as fired up as Thad in his mugshot?

Okay maybe not that fired up.

[H/T: Reader Justin]