The New ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Trailer Was Released, Hated, And Overshadowed In ‘Unprecented’ Way

The new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer dropped and there were some interesting takeaways. First, it’s the most disliked trailer in the franchise with more than 225,000 dislikes and growing. That number is on par with the new Ghostbusters trailer, which is the most disliked trailer in YouTube history. Did that news influence haters to unleash fire and brimstone on the CoD: IW trailer? I can’t not say they weren’t not disconnected (read: prolly yeah).

Plus, it’s been reported that the Infinite Warfare trailer has already been overshadowed by the remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which gamers get when they pre-order the latest CoD title that’s set to be released for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 4th.

call of duty cara delevingne

Activision claims Infinite Warfare, which is the first title in the franchise to go to space, offers “unprecedented value” thanks to the remastered Modern Warfare.

Infinite Warfare will also offer new gameplay mechanics like zero-gravity environments, so you can lose your enemies in a suspended crop dust or shield of urine droplets.

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Is anyone else sort of turned on, but also very turned off by space colonies? Like, very cool on paper, but then you get up there and realize one errant throw of the stone will suck you inside out. Love ya, space, but I’m not meant to be all up in you.