Calvin Harris Explains On Twitter Why He’s No Longer Dating Absolute Babe Taylor Swift


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Break-ups are never easy. Doesn’t matter how hot the sex is, sometimes they just flame out — Your passions don’t align, your placement in the universe just doesn’t feel right. If you’re a mature, mentally healthy adult, both parties can walk away from it being like “Well, this has all been wonderful… but now I’m on my way.”

Sadly, all too often people go crazy and get wrecked by a clingy mental headspace. That’s when you hear stories of psycho-exes doing psycho-ex things. Exhibit A: This psycho-ex text exchange.

In the case of bazillionaire EDM DJ Calvin Harris and bazillionaire pop star Taylor Swift, the feelings about their split seem pretty mutual. No craziness, no hard feelings. Just the old break-up cliche: “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Tonight Harris tweeted this, which was quickly RT’d by Taylor Swift.

Glad their breakup didn’t look like the video below. It’d be amusing TMZ fodder, it’s just more refreshing to know that people can part ways like mature adults without acting like children.

The true telling will be if Swift makes an album not-so-subtly about it. I guess we’ll see?

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