You Won’t Believe How Many Thousands Of Deaths Captain America Has Caused In His Films (Yes, Thousands)

captain america kill count


A lot was made of Batman basically being a psychopathic serial killer in Batman V Superman, but Captain America is certainly no angel either. He just gets away with it better.

In fact, Cap’s kill count dwarfs pretty much all of the greatest horror movie icons of all time yet he somehow has gotten a pass. Granted, many of Steve Rogers’ kills were of the non-human type (aka robots), but not all. Not by a long shot.

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See? This is the difference between Marvel and DC movies. DC movies are so “dark” and “gritty” that the violence is obvious. While Marvel movies are colorful, filled with humor and come off as more playful – all while people and creatures are being offed left and right. Thousands of them – as in 14,089!

That’s right, 14,089 people and creatures have been killed in movies either directly or indirectly by Captain America according to this compilation by Mr. Sunday Movies.

No wonder Cap isn’t a big fan of the government overseeing everything that he does in the upcoming Civil War. If they did he might be locked up in a penitentiary somewhere for a very, very long time.