Please Watch Carlton Banks Get Visibly Upset When Told ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Considering Scott Disick

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Everything about this is perfect. Carlton Banks going full sour grapes mode when being told a reality persona may come to smear the last semblence of fame he has left is the quintessential microcosm for Banks’ career. Forcing out that I’m-laughing-but-I’m-really-genuinely-upset chuckle you give when someone verbally assaults you in front of your girl or your buddy tells your your ex is dating someone with bigger muscles than you.

Look how shook Banks looks right here while his girl’s face screams “You gunna take that shit? YOU’RE the guy who does the cool dance.”

Dude was fucking incensed and it took every fiber of his being not to throat punch the camera man, who was probably just passing by before Carlton solicited him to throw him some questions.

“He’s not a star! So it’s not..Dancing with the What? Dancing with a guys whose married to a family…who’s stars…I guess”

Nailed it, Carlton. Shocked your girl didn’t drop her panties then and there.

And yo, that has to be an Uber, right? No way Carlton has a driver. I’d go even further to say he probably split fared with his chick.

I can say all this because there’s nothing Carlton can do that can make me not love him. The dude cannot be more lovable.

But for real though Carlton–Lord Disick’s coming for your crown.


[h/t TMZ]

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