Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Home Alone’ Is Up To 25 Years Later, Ya Filthy Animal

home alone 25th anniversay

20th Century Fox

Wow, has the film Home Alone really been around for 25 years? Indeed it has. The movie that showed us just how awesome it would be to stranded alone at home as a kid, even if they are robbers trying to break in, hits the quarter century mark in 2015.

So what have Kevin, Harry, Marv and the rest of the tremendous cast been up to since then? Well, we already know that Macaulay Culkin once dated Mila Kunis (somehow) and now heads up a band called The Pizza Underground. But what about the rest of the players in the film such as Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard and Catherine O’Hara?

Here’s a look back at them and more and what they’ve each been up to since Home Alone premiered in 1990…

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