Charlie Sheen Finally Speaks Out On The TODAY Show: ‘I’m Here To Admit That I Am, In Fact, HIV Positive’

Last week rumors began to swirl throughout Hollywood that a promiscuous a-list celebrity who had slept with most of Hollywood was HIV positive. The public came to their own conclusions on who it might be and the witch hunt began. Flash forward to a week later and Charlie Sheen is on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer to face the ‘attacks and sub-truths’ regarding rumors that he was the unnamed celebrity, and this morning Charlie Sheen has admitted that he is in fact the a-lister who is HIV positive.

As for who Charlie Sheen told about his fight with HIV? He stated that he told only people he thought he could trust at the time to keep his confidentiality intact. There were also rumors that Charlie Sheen had been diagnosed up to 4 years ago, which was confirmed by Charlie in his interview with Matt Lauer.

He says the diagnosis began with a series of episodes involving ‘insane migraines’ and being drenched in sweat, which lead to him being ’emergency hospitalized’, at which point Charlie Sheen believed that he was suffering from a brain tumor, but it in fact turned out to be HIV. Charlie’s reaction to finding out from the doctors that he is HIV can be summed up by his statement on the TODAY Show: “It’s a hard three letters to absorb”. Sheen went on to say that he was blackmailed by a prostitute who’d photographed his HIV medication and was extorting him for money, else wise she’d go public with the photo of his pills and out him as the unnamed celebrity with HIV.

A second part of Charlie Sheen’s TODAY Show interview can be seen here: