Chris Hemsworth Lost An Insane Amount Of Weight For New Movie And Looks Unrecognizable

// the guy in the tweet above approached on the street and asked for a dollar, you’d probably hightail it out sight before he stabbed you in the face. It’s Chris Hemsworth. The dude lost major weight for a movie role.

In The Heart of The Sea, Hemsworth plays a sailor who gets shipwrecked at sea for 90 days. And as you can see, there isn’t much access to dumbbells and protein shakes out there in the big blue. The film is about real-life 19th century whaling ship the Essex, which inspired the great American novel Moby-Dick. It also stars Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson and is out in December.

Chris Hemsworth weight loss is real but the facial hair and mop on his head are fake. Hemsworth tweeted another photo not long after the Castaway cosplay and the Australian is clean shaven and so good looking you just want to punch his perfect face. The article about Chris Hemsworth weight loss and how he did it will arrive online any day now.


[via Ask Men]

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