Watch Chris Pratt Sing His Very Own ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song And Be Glad His Singing Career Didn’t Take Off

We should all consider ourselves lucky that Johnny Karate (from Parks & Rec, duh) never took off, because if it had we wouldn’t have this lovely performance from Chris Pratt where he sings his own lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme. Or would we? Maybe Johnny Karate and Jurassic Park could do a crossover episode where Johnny loses his leg to a pack of fierce Velociraptors and has to fight them off using his karate skills, only to be mercilessly devoured and then pooped out in an extra post-credits scene.

For some reason though I have a feeling that would be more “emotionally scarring” instead of “educational” for kids, which was the point of Johnny Karate…oh well. At least we’ve still got the song.

[H/T MTV News, header image via US Magazine]