Chrissy Teigen Threw Some Heavy Haymakers At Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson On Twitter, Pierson Responded

Yo I don’t know if Katrina Pierson peed on Chrissy Teigen’s ancestors’ graves or tried to bone John Legend, but something lit a fire under Teigen’s ass to the publicly eviscerate her in plain view of her 2.5 million followers.

This online attack is just another headache Pierson has to deal with following her abomination of an interview on CNN last week where she claimed Trump hasn’t changed his stance on immigration reform, he’s just changed “the words he used to deliver the same message.” It made literally zero sense and she was basically laughed off the panel.

But this vitriol from Teigen extends beyond the political realm, it reeks of personal vendetta. It also can’t help that Pierson’s attractive because girls always twist the knife a little harder when their enemy is pretty. It’s chick science. God, they can be so mean to each other.

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Pierson played dumb and translated Teigen’s sarcastic compliments as truth and responded faux kind-heartedly. This response probably wasn’t what Chrissy was hoping for, as she likely intended to spar with Pierson for a bit, ideally resulting in more headlines.

She even retweeted the “compliment.” Turned Teigen’s brain into a pretzel. Genius tactical move.

P.S. If it comes out that Katrina Pierson tried to blow John Legend at a celeb party, you heard it here first.

P.P. S. I’m officially on Team Pierson. Can’t get behind someone who eats from a fast food chain that’s repped by a kid fucker.

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