WWE Confiscated The Most Ridiculous CM Punk Sign At ‘Raw’ Last Night



Yesterday, Stephanie McMahon appeared on WGN in Chicago to promote last night’s episode of Raw. The Windy City is home to CM Punk so, derp, the conversation turned to the hometown favorite who isn’t on the best of terms with the federation.

“CM Punk is an incredible character,” said Stephanie. “We’ve had a lot of fun with him and who knows what the future holds.”

Which is what you say when the name of an ex-lover comes up in conversation, or so I’ve heard, I’ve never dated anyone in my life.

CM Punk will be back. Everyone comes back. When, where and how isn’t even in the works but Punk will compete in the WWE soon. Fans want that to happen sooner rather than later and they’re voicing those wishes online and at live WWE events through chants and signs. Naturally, the WWE wants to squash those chants and cardboard “I heart you, Phil” sentiments.

At Raw in Chicago, security guards were scouting the audience to confiscate CM punk signs. Mine was confiscated (it said “Thank You Punk”), and I was told by the guard, “It’s per orders of WWE; it’s not my decision.”

Thank You, Punk? That’s it?!? Now, it’s one thing to get Punk signs off the camera side of the arena, but if they’re scouting out people in the upper decks with pro-Punk signs, that’s going a bit too far. Especially if the sign says something innocent like “thank you.” Suppose this guy was thanking Punk for something unrelated to wrestling like an Edible Arrangement or those comic books Punk lent him the last time he slept over?

The WWE has a long history of sign confiscation, mostly because of inappropriate language or promoting a competitor, but to take a sign away that just says thank you is muffling a fanbase that just dropped down hard earned money to watch the show live. If the relationship between WWE and Daniel Bryan ends badly, are they going to start taking away fan’s pointer fingers?

H/T Wrestling Inc. 

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