Professional Crime Scene Investigator Breaks Down Why The Blood Evidence From ‘Making A Murderer’ Was Garbage

British crime scene investigator Chris Gee doesn’t believe that the blood found in Teresa Halbach’s car can be conclusively linked to Steven Avery. Yes, obviously it’s Steven Avery’s blood, but at the same time Gee explains that the way the blood has formed in key spots like the vehicle’s ignition show that it could’ve been left by contact transfer.

In other words, you can’t prove who the blood was transferred from, only that it’s Steven Avery’s blood.

Also, Don’t forget that Avery’s fingerprints weren’t found anywhere in the car, and if he had been wearing gloves then his blood wouldn’t have been able to transfer anywhere considering the only open wound he had on his body was on a finger.

Not that any of this helped Avery the first time his case went to trial – however now that his new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, claims she has an airtight alibi for her client at the time of Halbach’s murder (as well as the fact that most of the evidence in this case was bullshit anyway), Avery very well may get to walk outside his prison walls sooner than initially expected.

[H/T Unilad]

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