Should We Forgive Dan Bilzerian For This Extremely Offensive Photo?

Dan Bilzerian has never failed us. He answers to nobody, not even his own PR guy. He’s never posted a picture that didn’t immediately make me green with envy. That is, until two days ago, when the picture above hit the internet.

Seems harmless, right? DB just doing DB things. Hanging out with a bunch of smokes and his boys. But wait, take a closer look at this picture. Who’s that Raiden looking twink in the bottom right corner? Please, don’t tell me… it can’t be, it just can’t BE!

Yup, that’s Bilzerian hanging out with Bieber. My stomach is churning. I feel like up is down, down is up, boobs are penises. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Why would Bilzerian subject himself to this? He surely doesn’t need an influx of hot, young ass; he seems to be doing fine on that front on his own. He has enough money to live the Bieber lifestyle sans Bieber. I can’t think of a single logical reason why it’s worth it to him to have to sit there and watch Bieber try to act like a bad ass. I would imagine Bilzerian would just want to stomp his face in.

I’m not gonna turn my back on Bilzerian after all he’s done for me, but… it just makes you think. How are you guys dealing with the news?