Dana Carvey Did Impressions Of People You Probably Don’t Know On ‘Conan’ Last Night

Here’s where I proclaim my love for Dana Carvey before slightly shooting him down. Right here. In this opening paragraph I’ll profess my adoration for his SNL work, his great stand-up special, the awesome though short-lived Dana Carvey Show and his song in which he chops broccoli.

That said…

His impressions are getting slightly dated. Sure, Fallon does Neil Young, but often pulls another famous person into the fray so it’s not just “oh Jimmy’s doing Neil Young again.” Everyone does Michael Caine impressions. Michael Caine isn’t even Michael Caine anymore, he’s an impression of himself. I can’t imagine how often Liam Neeson impressions come in handy. Maybe on the phone? Calling takeout and threatening them if the delivery guy doesn’t return with his daughter and the extra egg roll he ordered?

Presidents? Presidents.

Carvey appeared on Conan last night to drop a couple impressions and sing about fake instruments. Watch and tell me if he doesn’t need some new impressions.

H/T Splitsider