Danny DeVito Lays Down Some Real Talk About The Oscars Race Issue, Calls Us All A Bunch Of Racists

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Yesterday I paid forth my respects to Cube and his ability to instill some reason into the howling hysterical shitblizzard that’s blanketing the buildup to the Academy Awards. But today I want to send out a thank you Frank to the unfiltered, fuck everyone sentiment passed on by Danny DeVito during a recent interview with the Associated Press. Why call one jackass or parlor of stuffy-nosed cumbuckets racist, when you can just dig on everyone? I mean, not a great way to go about making friends; but props to the guy for holding nothing back.

Don Cheadle follows after DeVito, wrapped up in a J Crew catalog (that scarf though) and lightly muses along much the same vein–to work to get to the bottom of the problem. Vague, for sure, but appreciated nonetheless. Then Fifty Shades of Sam Neil wraps up the show, and expresses his ‘bafflement’ over Idris Elba and Sam Jackson not receiving nominations.

Hollywood Weighs In On The #OscarSoWhite Controversy
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