Ice Cube Clears The Air On The Oscars Race Controversy With A Cold Shot Of Reason

Ice Cube’s a silver-tongued, sharp-witted, mean muggin badass. He possesses an exceptional ability to vocalize his thoughts with the kind of cadence that spurs unquestioning loyalty from fans, new and old. Anyone who’s seen ‘Straight Outta Compton’ will tell you that Cube could lay down a line when he took pen to paper, or mic to center stage.

During his recent sit-down on the Graham Norton show, Cube had an opportunity to instill some sense, clear the blizzard of controversy enveloping the Academy Awards right now, and offer his two cents on the matter.

“You can’t boycott something that you never used to go to anyway. I look at it like a horse race. Once your horse loses the race, you tear up your ticket and back on out.”

Yes, to Cube it’d be like whining and moaning about not having enough icing on your cake. Plus as Cube humbly refrains from pointing out: this movie’s made a killing, and has already stacked over $200 million in worldwide sales.

In the throes of the explosive shitstorm leading up to the Academy Awards it’s easy to find yourself drowned in the white noise of too many media outlets all howling for attention with whatever kind of controversy–fabricated or founded–will garner attention. It’s encouraging to see professionals of the industry like Ice Cube and also ‘Straight Outta Compton’s’ producer Will Packer kick some sand on the burning heap of hysteria.