Guy Holds Sign At Foo Fighters Concert, ‘It’s My Birthday Can I Play Drums?’ Dave Grohl Brings Him On Stage To Play

There will be approximately 97 individuals running campaigns to be the President of the United States in 2016 and there are no true frontrunners in the very early goings. However if Dave Grohl were to throw his hat into the ring for POTUS, game fucking over. Grohl is arguably the most liked person on the entire planet, probably only challenged by Taylor Swift and Dwayne Johnson. Grohl continued his onslaught of awesomeness at a concert this week.

The rock god was on his massive throne of guitars when he noticed an exuberant fan holding a sign that said, “It’s my birthday, can I play drums?” Grohl obliged and invited Anthony Bifolchi on stage.

Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins vacated the drum set and welcomed the newcomer. But Grohl had some stipulations to the greatest birthday gift ever, “If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your ass, now get on those drums right now.” No pressure.

“I sure as hell hope this motherfucker doesn’t suck,” Grohl tells the crowd.

“Do you know Foo Fighter’s songs?” he asked the birthday boy, to which he requested to play one of the band’s biggest hits in “Best Of You.” And Dave shoots him down, “No, you’re not playing that one.” Grohl does allow him to drum a very fun, but easier song. “We got a song called “Big Me,” do you know that song? It’s the easiest one, if you fuck this one up you’re going to look like a total fucking asshole.”

Not only did Anthony not fuck it up, but he played a wonderful rendition of the Foo Fighters classic.

What a fucking 18th birthday for Anthony. Good luck not being depressed on your 19th birthday.

Grohl in ’16.