ROCK ROYALTY: Dave Grohl Played D.C. Concert With A Broken Leg While Sitting On An Iron Throne Of Guitars


Most musicians would have canceled their entire tour if they broke their leg. Dave Grohl is not most musicians.

The Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden earlier this month after falling off the stage, which he finished as he was being attended to by medical staff. Grohl snapped his fibula and dislocated his ankle, which caused him to cancel five Foo Fighters shows including headlining the Glastonbury Festival.

However Grohl wasn’t about to miss the first show of his band’s U.S. tour that kicked off on July 4th at the nation’s capital. Foo Fighters ROCKED a 20th anniversary concert at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington DC, despite the legend having a cast on his broken leg. Grohl performed an entire show from a Game of Thrones-like Iron Throne perfectly customized for the rock god, it was made of guitars. Grohl remarked that the “best fucking road crew” created his throne, featuring “lasers and shit shooting from the top.”

Dave, who grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, told the fans, “I would not. I would never. Never. Cancel this fucking show!”

July 4 marked the 20th anniversary of the first Foo Fighters’ self-titled album, which sprung the former Nirvana drummer into a new and amazing spotlight.

He didn’t skip out on the home crowd either; here was the fantastic set list from the D.C. show:

1. “Everlong”
2. “Monkey Wrench”
3. “Learn to Fly”
4. “Something From Nothing”
5. “The Pretender”
6. “Cold Day in the Sun”
7. “Congregation”
8. “Walk”
9. “Big Me”
10. “My Hero” (acoustic)
11. “Times Like These” (acoustic)
12. “Under Pressure” (Queen & David Bowie cover)
13. “All My Life”
14. “These Days’
15. “Outside”
16. “Breakout”
17. “For All the Cows”
18. “Alone + Easy Target”
19. “This Is a Call”
20. “Generator”
21. “Best of You”

Dave tells the story on how he broke his leg, then dedicated “Big Me” to his road crew for creating the Iron Throne of Guitars.