LEGEND: Dave Grohl Broke His Leg During A Concert After Falling Off Stage, But Still Finished The Show Anyway

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Do you love Dave Grohl as much as we love David Grohl? You should. He’s not some coddled softie pop star or DJ hack who won’t perform if his coconut water isn’t the proper temperature as dictated in his rider. He’s a rockstar in the truest form. Dave Grohl rules.

If you didn’t already love the Foo Fighters frontman, you’ll love him even more when you find out what happened at his show in Gothenburg, Sweden. According to reports, during a performance of “Monkey Wrench,” Grohl fell off the stage. He then said “Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I love you, but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg” before going backstage. The Foo Fighters continued with a set of covers with Taylor Hawkins singing before Grohl came back out with his leg in a cast to perform sitting down.

Why? Because This. Is. ROCK’N ROLL.


Dave Grohl is a legend. Mad respect for his dedication to showmanship and music. This type of dramatic love for performance is something you just don’t see from divas who press play on their Macbooks.

Viva la ROCK.

[H/T: C.o.S]

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