Here Are Some Of The ‘Deadpool’ Scenes, Characters And Jokes That DIDN’T Make It Into The Movie

Much like they did with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the VERY busy folks over at Mr Sunday Movies took a look at all the things that perhaps could have shown up, but ended up NOT appearing in the record-breaking Deadpool movie.

Anyone with any knowledge of all the work it took just to get Deadpool to the big screen knows that in order to make that happen a lot of things that producers and its star Ryan Reynolds would have liked to have in the film simply weren’t going to make it due to budget constraints.

Constraints that now all seem pretty silly considering all the records Deadpool has broken and is on its way to breaking.

Using the script that was leaked back in 2010 Mr Sunday Movies discusses which scenes did not get used or weren’t as lengthy as planned, which characters got left out and which jokes were cut before the final edit. It’s quite the comprehensive look.

That being said, they still believe that about 70% of the original script made into the movie so many have now seen in theaters. Oh, and at a cost of just $58 million, which is peanuts by today’s superhero movie standards.

Check it all out below…

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