Want To Know Who The Hot Girl Is Riding The Horse In Those New DirectTV Ads? Here’s Your Answer

I’ll admit, I was LIVID when I found out that DirectTV pulled all of the Rob Lowe commercials off the air. Absolutely livid. One more thing that’s fucking ruined by Comcast.

I feel a little bit better knowing the ads were replaced by a hot chick on a horse. Just a little.

In case you missed the new DirectTV ads that involve a gorgeous woman and an equally stunning horse, here’s the new spots running instead of “creepy Rob Lowe.”

So how’s the stunner on the sand? Well, in case you missed the giant HANNAH AND HER HORSE logo, it’s Hannah Davis. Davis is the 2015 SI Swimsuit cover model. Resident model historian Doug Charles can not confirm or deny that Davis is currently taking it from number 2, Derek Jeter. Let’s imagine she isn’t.

Hannah is great in her DirectTV spots and all but she’ll never do better than this…

Poetry in motion.

[via Ad Week]