DirecTV Told To Yank Hilarious Rob Lowe Ads Because Comcast Threw A Hissy Fit

Can anything be easy with you, Comcast? We’ve already established today that you won’t cancel our service even if our house burns down, but can we at least enjoy the most entertaining commercials on TV without you being a killjoy, for once.

The Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended that DirecTv discontinue the widely popular Rob Lowe/alter-ego Rob Lowe ads because Comcast threw a tantrum because the claims made in the commercial could not be substantiated.

The basis of the claim was that DirecTV implied better signal reliability, shorter comparative customer service wait times, and better picture and sound quality implications.

NAD says,

“Given the absence in the record of supporting evidence, NAD recommended the advertiser discontinue the claims.”

In response to this bullshit, DirecTV released the following statement,

“[DirecTV] continues to believe that the various Rob Lowe advertisements are so outlandish and exaggerated that no reasonable consumer would believe that the statements being made by the alter-ego characters are comparative or need to be substantiated.”

DirecTV disagrees with NAD’s findings and plans to appeal. 

Let’s all hope the dice rolls in favor of DirecTV and Rob Lowe.


[H/T Yahoo]

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