Disney Is Going To Make A Gazillion Dollars With ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Starring Emma Watson

I kinda feel like there should be some sort of futures betting market where you can throw money at prop bets for box office opening weekend movie earnings. If such a thing existed, I’d put LOTS of money down on Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson being one of the biggest Hollywood cash machines of the year. I can’t look into the future with a magic mirror, but I DO know all the elements for a mega-hit are there: Making an animated Disney classic just a little bit more grown-up for all the millennials who remember watching it on VHS, tapping the incredibly talented Emma Watson to play Belle, incorporating all the songs for from the original that are musical crack.

Every gracefully-aging millennial on the planet is going to go see it, along with encouraging their gracefully-aging parents and taking their kids to see it.

It’s a mortal lock for being one of the biggest movie events of 2017. Dare I even say bigger than Star Wars? Dare I? Like, I’m hyped for it just as a kid who saw it in theaters. Can’t wait to revisit Gaston (played by Luke Evans) in all his awesomeness. He’s easily one of the biggest Disney Bros of all time.