Watch This Hour-Long Documentary About The Making Of ‘John Wick’ For Free Right Now

Last week, we told you that John Wick 2 is being filmed this fall. But before we go forward, let’s look back to the past.

The good people at Reddit Movies shared this insightful documentary about the making of the original bloodbath that was John Wick.

This hour-long documentary takes you behind-the-scenes to see how that staggering body count was actually engineered. You get to see the amazing stunts were performed, and how dedicated Keanu Reeves was to his part, and to training for the rigorous fight scenes.

This extra feature titled, “Don’t F*#% With John Wick” was apparently offered on the 2-disc blu-ray combo of the movie, but now you can watch it on YouTube for free. Hopefully this quenches your feenin’ for John Wick until the sequel hits theaters in 2016.