Comic Meets Worst Heckler Of All Time — Gets Attacked On Stage With Aluminum Bat

Dylan Avila

KOMO News 4

Did you hear the one about the stand up comic attacked on stage with an aluminum bat? That’s not a joke set-up, I’m asking for real, because it happened to comedian Dylan Avila and it’s pretty fucked up.

Local Washington comedian Dylan Avila is recovering in a hospital bed today after being brutally attacked by a disgruntled open mic comic. The amateur comedian, 48-year-old Steven Baldwin, had been banned from Local 907’s open mic night (which Avila runs) and decided to exact revenge on Monday night at the bar and venue in Renton, WA.

Public Information Officer for the Renton Police Department Terri Vickers tells Laughspin that as Dylan Avila, 36, was introducing a comic to the stage, Baldwin hit Avila twice with an aluminum baseball bat. Thankfully, Avila didn’t suffer any brain damage. However, his skull was fractured. As a result, he now has two metal plates and four stitches in his head.

As a stand-up comic and person with a very soft skull that’s scary as hell. It also doesn’t shock me that the attack was done by another comic. A majority of comedians are twisted people.

Allegedly, Baldwin snuck into the mic and waited for his moment. According to reports, Baldwin had been working “on a bit at Avila’s open mic for a few weeks. In his act he said he was Jesus Christ; the bit involved a bible and a sex toy.” Sounds like a winner.

Here’s the real problem though — this exposure for Dylan Avila, though awful, has made him a minor name for the moment. Avila is going to have to keep doing this on stage all the time if he wants to make the big money.

“Yeah, I saw Dylan Avila, that comic who almost got beat to death with the bat. He was good but he didn’t do the “almost dead by aluminum bat” bit. If I’m paying money, I want to see that bit!

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