ESPN Is Making A ’30 For 30′ About Vince McMahon’s XFL And Oh Lordy This Looks LIT AF

by 2 years ago

The XFL was a steaming pile of baby diarrhea. The league’s founder, WWF owner Vince McMahon himself called it a “colossal failure” after it got cancelled after its debut season in 2001. It was intended to be the love child of the NFL and professional wrestling but god awful play and hokey, over-the-top story lines stunted its success. It was like watching a car crash. So so bad but you just couldn’t take your eyes off it.

ESPN is giving the XFL the 30 For 30 treatment which will debut on February 2. The Was The XFL will give viewers behind-the-scenes looks at Vince McMahon’s failed experiment and will likely cause us all to pray for its return as the NFL has turned into flag football. We want an encore, Vince.


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