Sex, Drugs, And Blood: Watch The NSFW Trailer For Esquire Network’s New Mob Show ‘Spotless’

by 5 years ago

When you think “Esquire Network,” you probably don’t think scripted crime dramas. You think original lifestyle programming for dudes — I.E.: Brew Dogs, Knife Fights, Friday Night Tykes, Best Bars In America, etc. But this month the Esquire will premiere it’s first ever scripted series, an edgy 10-episode crime drama called “Spotless.” It features all the things we love about a mob series: Sex, drugs, and gore. Lots and lots of gore. Since it takes place in London, it feels a lot like Guy Richie’s Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, two of the most badass gangster flicks of all time. Here’s the official synopsis from Esquire itself:

“Spotless,” set in London, follows a troubled man, Jean Bastiere (Grondin), whose life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother, Martin (Ménochet), crashlands into his world. Together, the brothers must confront their dark sins of the past and real dangers of the present: They’re trapped by mob boss Nelson Clay (Coyle) while corruption, drugs and death pose a constant hazard. Along with Jean’s wife Julie (Raison), the entire family struggles to gain control over their lives in the hourlong drama, described as sexy with dark humor.

We’re excited to debut the NSFW re band trailer for Spotless, which premieres November 14. Go watch the whole first episode over at the Esquire Network’s website.

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