Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend FKA Twigs’ Met Gala Dress Had A Penis On It, Hopefully Not His

The last time we saw Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, she was naked in a bathtub. It was a good look for her.

Fast forward a couple of days to the Met Gala and now FKA Twigs is fully-clothed, with her boyfriend on her arm, and wait a minute… is that a dick on her dress? Yes. Yes, it is a dick on her dress. Why does she have a dick on her dress. I can’t stop saying dick on her dress. Stop!!

Dear god, I hope that dick on her dress is just some random drawing of a penis and not *shudder* The Twilight Penis. If it is and fangirls catch wind of this they’ll be dropping like flies.

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Yep, penis.

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That’s a schlong.

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Definitely a dick.