‘Game of Thrones’ As a 90s TV Show Is More or Less Perfect

Our staff's level of obsession hasn't been helped by the sheer number of billboards advertising the third season. They're everywhere around here. You're just walking down the street and, boom, Khaleesi is right in front of you. She's staring at you. You want to help her. SHE JUST WANTS TO FIND HER DRAGONS.

Enterprising YouTuber hunterlsanders seems to be in the same boat. So, to pass the time, he cut an amazing intro that remakes the show as a 90s fantasy. This isn't a totally original idea—“Breaking Bad” got its own 1995 intro a few weeks ago—but the “GOT” version may just be better: Those graphics, the way the characters smile while looking away from the camera, the choice of song (Queen's “I Want It All”)… it's perfect, straight out of the “Xena” school of TV.

Watch a few times, then join me in cryogenically freezing ourselves until the 31st.

[H/T: Reddit]