‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle Of The Bastards Beat THIS Popular Show To Become The Highest-Rated TV Episode Of All Time

It’s no surprise that one of the most (if not THE most) popular show on television would draw high user ratings on IMDB, however it’s exceedingly rare to find an episode rated with a perfect 10/10. The chart below shows each Game of Thrones episode rating by season, ending with “Hardhome” scoring a close, albeit imperfect 9.9/10:



Missing from season five is “The Dance of Dragons,” scoring a 9.4, and “Mother’s Mercy,” with an 8.7.

As for the current season, the IMDB ratings are as follows:

6.1 “The Red Woman” – 8.4
6.2 “Home” – 9.5
6.3 “Oathbreaker” – 8.7
6.4 “Book of the Stranger” – 9.2
6.5 “The Door” – 9.7
6.6 “Blood of my Blood” – 8.3
6.7 “The Broken Man” – 8.6
6.8 “No One” – 8.2
6.9 “Battle of the Bastards” – 10

Yup, that’s right – “Battle of the Bastards” managed to pull a perfect 10, beating out season five’s “Hardhome” and the only other television episode to score a 10, Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias”:

It has toppled Breaking Bad’s incredible Ozymandias episode; which also has a perfect ten but with a lower voting turnout of 75,000 people.

Ozymandias was broadcast in 2013 and was episode 14 in Breaking Bad’s final fifth season, which saw the life of Walter White finally come crumbling down around him as his secret life was revealed.(via)

While both episodes received the same score, “Ozymandias” only has 76,278 votes, whereas “Battle of the Bastards” has over 90,000.

With any luck, Sunday’s finale will be just as mind-blowing. Considering how much money the stars of Thrones will reportedly be making the next few seasons, I’ve set my expectations pretty high.

Don’t let us down, Jon Snow.

[H/T Metro]

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