‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Revealed A Favorite Dead Character Is Coming Back And That An Epic Fan Theory Might Be True

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Actor Ian McShane’s character in the upcoming season six of Game of Thrones hasn’t yet been completely revealed, however in an interview with BBC Breakfast he took the time to dish on details previously unknown until now. Telling the morning hosts that he really shouldn’t be talking about Game of Thrones (like every actor on the show always says while on hiatus), he then dove right into talking about Game of Thrones:

“I can give you one hint: My character is an ex-warrior who’s become a peacenik… I bring back a much-loved character everybody thinks is dead.”

Did you watch the clip? Because if you did and missed that little nugget of information you best go and watch it again.

Did you catch it? Good. Now read this excerpt from his interview with BBC Radio 5 (SPOILERS AHEAD):

“I have nursed a much-loved character back to life,” McShane explained. He then challenged his host to guess. When she pointed out that he could only be referring to the Hound or Jon Snow, he tried to pretend he wasn’t spilling: “It’s not the latter, it might be the former.”

MTV News’ Crystal Bell speculates that McShane is going to be “potentially a hybrid of Septon Meribald and the Elder Brother, who’s responsible for reviving our beloved Hound, Sandor Clegane.”


Did you say…Hound?

Because so far in the books the Hound isn’t confirmed to be alive, but if he’s coming back in the show that means we could CLEGANEBOWL, aka the best thing that could ever possibly happen on Game of Thrones aside from watching Joffrey turn purple and die in Cersei’s arms (he was a little shit, don’t deny it).

But on the off-chance that McShane is lying, at least we’ve still got a chance at seeing these other five book plots on season six:

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