The High Sparrow Hinted That One The Hottest Characters On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Meet A Bloody End Soon

Last season, The High Sparrow came out of nowhere and dropped an MVP-caliber season on us (he finished sixth out of 50 in our chill bro rankings for the season).

That was a hell of a performance from someone never before seen or hyped. He showed up and immediately outmanuevered everyone in King’s Landing. Perhaps it was because he had The Faith on his side. Perhaps he’s just a conniving fucking genius.

Either way, guys like that don’t last long in Westeros. Some think his time may be coming to an end soon. And he might be taking a LOT of people with him.

He certainly intimated as much in an interview this week.

He gave it in Polish and it was translated by a Redditor but I’ve edited it a bit to make more sense.

Here the crux of it:

Everyone is waiting impatiently for the trial of Cersei, which will be held in the Sept of Baelor. Literally everyone will be present. My character has lost some vigilance and is firmly convinced that Cersei appear at his request.

Tension gradually builds up when the giant Sept fills slowly with people – the High Sparrow is pleased with the turn of events and is confident that everything is going according to plan. No suspects that the fate in store for him a very unpleasant surprise…

That lends credence to a theory bouncing around Reddit now, about what the High Sparrow told King Tommen in confidence earlier in the season, when he went down to the Sept to try and free Margaery.

The theory goes that Loras Tyrell cracked under pressure (he was being a bitch last episode), and told the High Sparrow that the Tyrell’s were behind Joffrey’s murder.

Tommen eventually tells his mother this and, knowing the Tyrells will be at her trial, heads there and lights everyone the FUCK up.

Yes, including, the theory goes, Natalie Dormer.